⚠️ Since there was just a massive release with lots of big changes, there may be bugs and unexpected behavior!

Play on your PHONE or TABLET! Mobile was just released!
New bomb features! The death bomb now does 3 letter prompts!
Live typing! See people solve the prompt in real-time!
LOTS of new words, and a new SHOP!
See how long you have until the bomb explodes!

🙂 Please do not be mad at others for helping people or using Google, learning is encouraged, and it is NOT cheating! In fact, it is required! But, please do not spam the chat.

🎮 It's a pass-it-on bomb game! Type words containing specific letters to pass the bomb on to somebody else.
The bomb ticks faster and faster the longer a round goes on. The last man standing wins!

👍 Good for learning new words, quick typing skills, reaction time, and for obtaining very high IQ.
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