Welcome to ACE ATTORNEY! A Roblox port of the original Trilogy by Capcom.

❔| Information:
Duke it out in the court room to decide the fate of your client! 
Using your skills, evidence, and your allies to try to convince the judge to pronounce your client as INNOCENT!

⚠️| Notice:
I suggest playing or watching the actual game for advice and tips.
This game is based on roleplaying. 
Please do not ruin the experience for others! 

🏆| Group:
Join the ROBLOX group for access to upcoming special features.

Program Design: @TheSimplePixel, @The_G0dPiXeL
Animation: @BIueMoone
Music: JTPaper (YT)
Other: Group Contributors (@\Simple Studios/)
Game Idea: CAPCOM


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