Welcome to the new Military Recruitment Plaza, where all military and military only groups may join and recruit! Project lead by Warbound! 

The MRP is only in it's Alpha stage, and is subject to change, addition, or replacement at any given time. What you see is just the bare minimum and we plan on adding, and rebuilding the entire place to make it more professional and appealing to the public eye! Please enjoy our facilities! If you find anyone abusing, please message Castiel_Alfa on the server linked in the social media below!

Game Controls: 
Click a pad to spawn a booth.
Click the boxes on the booth to change the booth description. 
Click the radio to play music to those within 20 studs of the booth. 

Switching Teams (Say these without quotations): 
Switching to 1v1 Blufor: "join/1v1 blufor"
Switching to 1v1 Opfor: "join/1v1 opfor"
Switching to TDM Blufor: "join/tdm blufor"
Switching to TDM Opfor: "join/tdm opfor"
Switching to Lobby: "join/lobby"

VIP Servers

  • Play this game with friends and other people you invite.
    See all your VIP servers in the Servers tab.


    Gear for this game

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