This was a place I made around late November-early December 2018 I believe, and probably is the closest thing to a finished place I've made :D. I've still meant to do more too it, i.e., I wanted to make a whole town of apartments or buildings and shops - at the very least a street. You can visit the progress on that, but as you can see, it's... not much. The main part of it is finished though, largely, perhaps with a few tweaks. 

As simple as this is, I quite thoroughly love it. As with all of my buildings I don't use any sort of plugins or such because it seems a lot of them nowadays basically build the place for you lolol. The piano though is a freemodel (the script; I re-decorated it at least). 

I'm still coming back to this place to re-write the description so clearly it still has my attention. Maybe I'll actually Properly finish it eventually? WE'LL SEE!!!!


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