No one ever thought this could happen to us... No one knew they existed... It wasn't until the breach that we found out, and for years... they kept it from us.... They're telling us to meet at one of the Nasa stations... there aren't many of us left... A couple hundred thousand..? Maybe.... Either way... they're saying we're evacuating... as long as one of those things don't get where we are going.... We might have a chance..... Maybe... we too can Evolve.... 

[Version 2.7] 
[+] Added Automatic Reloading
[+] Fixed SCP-008 freezing players games
[X] (For 1M visits) Adding Sector-5!
[X] (For 1M visits) Adding SCP-682!
[X] (COMING SOON) One life shop!
[+] Bug fixes. 

@SkullTail : Builder 
@JakeHaloMaster : UI Design 
@DoctorNeptune : SCP Scripter
@BeczFX : API Manager

[Gamepasses Purchased here will NOT give you access to those departments in the main group. These simply give in game teams and perks for Area-113 RP.]

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