Welcome to ALfheim Online!
[3/31/18] Changed mob count in: Dome, GLODS, Ice. Buffed Leaf and Forged DMG and Magic. Fixed Shop prices  [Roblox didn't update all ]  Steam body stacking patched, Raised Ring of magic boost and Attribute MagicPower on lvl 70 magics, Fixed Illusion Bomb. Buffed EXP in KAISHI, DOME, GLODS, ICE ISLAND. NERF DMG in ICE ISLAND and GLODS.
On Friday we update so expect shutdowns on that day!
Explore the massive lands of ALfheim, Discover dungeons and make new friends!
Be sure to check out our twitter for updates and more!

[ Boss Chests are a 2/10 chance success]
[ MIniboss Chests are a 1/10 chance success]
Exploiting the game will result in a perma ban.
--[This also counts for AFK auto clickers]--
Being toxic in game will result in perma ban.
Being racist in game will result in perma ban.

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