Cake Raffle boxes are back! Log in daily to receive a special box that's guaranteed to grant special Exotic tier items.
King and Queen cake items have returned to the Rebirth pool.
Shiny odds were boosted by 30% for limited time.
NEW: PC users can now request a detailed overview of an ores stats. Press [F2] on your keyboard and type: GETOREINFO

Welcome to Miner's Haven, the largest sandbox tycoon on Roblox. With over a thousand unique items to choose from, you decide how to play. Collaborate with friends to make awesome bases, compete against them for a spot on the global leaderboards, learn to craft more and more powerful items with each sacrifice... your journey awaits you.

⚠️We have a strict policy against macro-usage as they often provide an unfair advantage over other players. Using one to continuously Rebirth will result in a ban.


There are currently no running experiences.