UPDATE: Global Leaderboards are now implemented! Go play against several players and make your way to the top!

Welcome to Connect 4! (Requires 2 players)

Step on a colored plate to play as Yellow or Red. When each side has a player, Yellow will start the match!

Each player will need to click on the grid during their turn to place chips. However, there is a 20-second time limit for each move you make. Align 4 chips of your color in a row to win!

The base of this project was made in 19.5 hours over the course of a month. It took about 12 hours to create and code the game, but another 7.5 to learn and add some smaller features to polish it! (Auto-win when opponent leaves, clock timer, win counter, sound effects, etc.) A few more unrecorded hours went into custom colors and the leaderboard!

Background music is Trippy Love by Vexento. Go check him out, he has some awesome music!

Thanks for visiting!


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