Upcoming RTS focused on world domination

Massive Technology Overhaul update, as well as numerous other changes.

You can now either unlock or purchase skins in the skins menu in game

Trade and resources overhaul, 16 new resources, and a lot more information ingame and on the chat server

There are now new military doctrines you can choose from. Additionally there are now submarines in game. Silent, but deadly, unless you have the right ships to hunt them down.

You can now form factions, which are basically alliances but much better!

You can now bombard your enemy from a distance with the new Artillery Unit. War exhaustion now exists so be careful when engaging in protracted wars!

You can now use terrain to your advantage! They can mean the difference in a major decisive war.

Hold left shift to ignore units
Right click and drag to move
Mouse wheel or F/R to Zoom
Drag via left click to select multiple units


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