Welcome to AceOfSpadez!
Blocky First Person Shooter (FPS) where you can build defenses, dig tunnels and shoot the bad guys!
Game is still in BETA and its not final, bugs are also expected!

Update BETA 2.6.5
-Over 9 new secret weapons that can be found on maps!
-Telescopic and Vcog sights are no longer available on certain weapons, people who already own them will be refunded
-Fully scoped sights are now gonna be blurry at start to avoid quick scoping
-Rank penalty for prices have been doubled
-New cash deals
-Jumping while holding spacebar is no longer possible. You have to press spacebar everytime you want to jump.
-Weapon balancing
-Fixed settings not being detected at game startup, resulting in glitches.
-Fixed various Inputs still working while typing in the chat

And many more!

This is a tribute to the orginal 2011 game created by Ben Aksoy - now addressed under buildandshoot

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