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🎮 Welcome to ArmsOfSolitaire, a voxel, tactical, first person shooter that provides endless possibilities on the battlefield and delivers constant updates to bring you more weapons, maps, gamemodes and mechanics!

🧨 Build bases, dig trenches and destroy buildings on large, fully interractive maps! 
🔧 Personalize your playstyle with big arsenal of weapons and customize your looks with a massive selection of cosmetic items!

Update BETA 3.0.3
- First ever weapon reincarnation: Grizzly, a magfed shotgun!
- Completely reworked the recoil system, it should be way easier to control and more satisfying!
- Layout changes to Diamondway and Shoreline Siege
- Terrain depth changes to various maps

Full changelog:

This game is a tribute to the original Ace Of Spades from 2011 made by Ben Aksoy. 


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