-New shop system for smoother experience!
-New gamepass, the Double Jump!
-You can now purchase nukes for robux, and if you do not use them they will save for your next visit!
-A few new tools, and a few new VIP exclusive tools!
-Leveling up is now easier!
-Regen system is more consistent!

Welcome to Destroy The Neighborhood, a place where destruction and mayhem reign. In DTN, you can use many goofy and powerful tools to destroy the buildings of Noobville.

Destroy the Neighborhood includes:
-6 uniquely furnished homes
-The Mayors's Mansion
-A Bank
-A Construction site
-Many vehicles, including planes
-Tons of custom weapons and gadgets to buy at the shop
-Music Playlist
-Nine Events
-TONS of easter eggs and goofiness. 

If you want an extra 500 bonus cash in DTN, join my group Destruction Fan Club! 

Please send me a PM if there are any bugs or glitches.


There are currently no running experiences.