Spindash: E 
Emotes Tab: V 
KEYBOARD ONLY: 1->9 For Emotes 

-- ❣️ Sonic Pulse RP || QOL Overall ❣️| 11/8/23
200+ Materials Options Added
New Materials UI
New Coloring UI
Highlight Selections (QOL)
Green Screen Room Works (QOL)
Ingame Appeal System Added
Accessory Limit increased by 2!!

-- 💬 Sonic Pulse RP || Chatplus 💬| 10/31/23 
Upgrades to the reporting system. Entire Chat Overhaul. Use /help to see all commands! 

-- 🗝️ Sonic Pulse RP || SECURITY 🗝️ | 8/24/23 
Customization miniupdate! Ingame reporting system. Click on a nametag to report an avatar, click on their name in chat to report the ingame chat. 

-- ✨VARIETY UPDATE✨ | 6/8/23 
Scaling has properly been released! I apologize its been so long! 

-- ✨VARIETY UPDATE✨ | 4/6/23 
Read the Thumbnail. :) 

-- April Fools Day | 4/1/23 
Oh... dear lord... what have I done 

-- Minipatch Update | 3/19/23 
Global Block has been released for banned users. 

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