Welcome to Wizard Training Simulator, don't forget to 👍 and ⭐ for codes!

🏴 Collect Gems for staffs, Upgrade your magic into powerful abilities, defeat other guilds and many more! 🏴

(Next code at 17,000 👍 and 60,000 ⭐!)

📙  Update Log {V1.2} 📙 

-  🎵 Updated Music
- 💀 No Man's Land (Guild PVP)
- 🗡PVP expanded to more areas!
- 👪 Decreased Server Size (Reduces Lag)
- 🐛 Fixed quest glitch (still a bit buggy working on it)
- 💎 Gems for pvp kills
- 🔥 Updated fire map (volcano is easier to get to)!
- ⚑ Spells without collision effects damage more than just 1 player now!
- ✨ New magic quests replacement update!
- 💨 Teleport Skill (Press R to use!)
- 📜 Fixed Quest Bug
- ❌ Multipliers give double the amount each purchase now!

Follow us for information on new updates soon to come!

Clothing by Blotnik
Audio Created by @ArimaSquad0
Scripting by @WyzlocDev & @clv_rbx
Building by @Servaptor & @ArcerionDev

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