🍀 Mega Luck Event here for the next week! 🍀
- 2x Luck
- 2x Hatch Speed
- 2x Shiny Chance
- 2x Mythic Chance

🚨 UPDATE 78 🚨
⛄ Christmas has come to Bubble Gum Simulator!
🎄 Step through the frost portal to discover the new event world!
❄ New currency: Snowflakes!
🥚 3 new Eggs!
🐶 28 new Pets!
🔥 ???
🛒 Earn snowflakes to buy items in the limited-time event shop!
🏆 Complete daily challenges for special prizes!
💰 Exchange snowflakes for exclusive rewards!
🎁 Collect extra prizes from gift rain at the Christmas tree!

Subscribe to the Rumble Studios YouTube channel to redeem exclusive rewards, including a special pet, more inventory space, and free boosts! 👍 Tutorial:

Welcome to Bubble Gum Simulator! Blow bubbles to reach new heights in the clouds. Sell your bubbles or collect coins to buy upgrades! Hatch pets as companions to help you on your adventure.

A game by Rumble Studios.


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