Welcome to Crown Academy!

- 🗺️ Explore our newly refurbished Crown District realm! 
- 💸 Complete jobs at the food court minigames to earn pearls!
- 💁‍♂️ Roleplay as a waiter and create your own meals with friends at our self-serving restaurants!
- 🥨 Twist some pretzel dough at the newly introduced Dough Knots store!
- 🍔 Make your own burgers and fries at Burger Queen!
- 🏨 Go swimming and check into your own hotel room at the BRAND NEW Royal Shore Resort!
- 🚗 Drive and customize cars and scooters around the level with our new vehicle system!
- 👚 Try on some free Layered Clothing Jackets in the Clothing section of our newly designed Closet!
- 🚿 Take a load off and relax at the new Spa of Eden!

[ EPILEPSY WARNING: The lights in this game may potentially trigger seizures! ]


There are currently no running experiences.