(!)The game is outdated! The game has a lot of problems and is laggy.Story: Some adventurers came to this forest and found some traces of a mythical creature.The creature was hiding through the trees, through the bushes and watching them out of the shadows. Suddenly the creature jumped out of the dense fog and ate all the adventurers scattering the remains of them on the map and then flinging pieces ran away with flesh in his mouth direct in the cave. It is known that one survivor escaped,and you are the one.
You left for help and you called paranormal hunters to investigate the case. They came with a camp van in which they stored ammunition, flashlights, video cameras, guns and a foldable cage specially designed to catch the creature called by locals in the area as bigfoot. You and the other hunters have to catch him the creature and put it in the cage and the police will come to investigate the case and you will escape by climbing up a high, abandoned building and almost destroyed.


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