Welcome to BLOB Simulator, a game where you can explore a huge map, collect blobs, upgrade your blob weapon and bag, and be the parent to adorable pets! Will you be able to become the next blob coin multimillionaire?

👋 Enjoying this game? Try the sequel, Blob Simulator 2!

💬 Blob simulator is available in: 
- Spanish 🇪🇸 
- French 🇫🇷 
- German 🇩🇪 
- Portuguese 🇵🇹 
- English 🇺🇸 

🌟Likes and favorites appreciated 🌟 

😀 Follow @WhiteHatRoblox on twitter for codes to redeem in-game items! Lost or accidentally deleted a pet? Contact our twitter! 

🎨 Art by ‪@___so_l and @DrDoomerz


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