After a long, long wait, this place is FINALLY done! Roleplay with your friends, live in a house, start your own ROBLOX family! This place is a game me, Cpextra360, and Robotdroid all worked on together for almost a month. Don't say we copied!
----------------------------------------------------------Credits: Guy who made the real time GUI in the bottom left corner. Cpextra360 and RobotDroid for helping me build this awesome place.  ----------------------------------------------------------Donations are much accepted! Want a custom jacket made with a really low price!? Private Message me with the details you want on it and I'll do my best to make you satisfied! ----------------------------------------------------------We love seeing what you think of this place! Post what you think of this place in the comments! Post your ideas and feedback in the comments so we can make this place better! ----------------------------------------------------------I now have a VIP T-Shirt! Go to http:/

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