Manufactory is now free as it is no longer receiving updates. Both creators are pursuing university education and have different priorities and interests now. We deeply apologize to those who purchased the game expecting further updates and expansions. Thank you for all the support you have shown us. - Tunicus

Manufactory is an extensive base building tycoon revolutionary for Roblox! Here, your goal is to automate the production of goods using a variety of ever-expanding technologies and items in your own creative manner. What will you build?

Play with your friends or play alone, no matter! No point in worrying about performance limits such as item count or ore limit, as Manufactory is optimized to handle as many items as you can throw at it!

Inspired from Factorio. If you enjoy this game, be sure to check it out!

Scripter - Tunicus
Modeler - nullingtone
GFX - X622


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