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Version 0.9 - Beta

☢️ Radiation Detected ☢️

The Game:
In the fog of nuclear winter, the remnants of humanity began to adapt to the radioactive vapors and soak them in. Some, began exhibiting supernatural powers...

🚀 Grab a rocket launcher, though it will be useless soon...
🎫 Find the nuclear launch codes stashed in the city
💪 After the boom, take actions to increase your powers
☄️ Annihilate the last bits of life...collect their loot!

Pro Tips:
- Your powers only increase after a nuclear explosion!
- Finding the nuke codes awards coins.
- There are no safe spaces.
- If your reputation drops to "Purgatory" level, your power speeds and defense will be reduced the further you go negative reputation, however your Power level remains.
- If someone attacks you first and has the Swords icon above their head, you can freely kill them with no reputation hit.

End Notes:
Just an amateur coder dad, not a studio or pro developer. Thanks for checking out the game :)

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