LAG inbound (if you start to lag maybe).

What is causing lag? The lag is coming from the trains.


When i join, Please dont leave - I dont ban people. I just watch people how they play. i dont speak any language from you, Just English.

RULE: Do not mess with the locomotive regen or you will ruin the game.

This is a game test for A W V R And CSX Rail-fan.

When A W V R And CSX Rail-fan comes out after testing, this is what the description says: Welcome to A W V R And CSX Rail-fan. There are grade 2 teams: A W V R And CSX Driver, And Rail-fan-er. Watch some trains pass by, by the train driver.

Why does it say Rails unlimited in the intro? Because i dont know
how to script and make a loading screen so i used it.

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