Patch notes:
3.27.17: Unbanned everyone by removing banning script.
4.26.17: type save/ or load/ for tools
4.29.17: Gave "Old-School Players" their tools back again. 
4.30.17: Made god mode FE
5.04.17: Added Local Ban tool
Use roblox's feature /mute to mute annoying players
6.04.17: Added a list of all the animations ever. Including secret ones. Updated skybox and ambient to a happier feel. And added a soft vignette GUI
6.10.17: Fixed /e set default and added it to the GUI list. God Mode now hides names. Added a RP House. Added bike to shop.
6.11.17: Removed jobs: Lumberjack and Janitor

Listen folks, I've done everything I wanted for this community and that's good enough in my books. I'm out of here. There's too much unneeded drama and it's a big giant waste of time for me to go in and deal with.

See you all in another day. MisterObvious, signing off.


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