Based off of Puyo Puyo 💡Follow this game for updates!💡 
⚡Challenge your friends in this 2-4 Player color-matching game!⚡ 

~ Fixed even more bugs with general UI navigation
~ Reworked 'Online' mode to consolidate the versus modes into one!
+ Online mode now supports match customization! Adjust the rules of the matches to your liking!
~ Reworked entire game system and made all matches in-server (No more teleporting to a new server!)
+ Added a server region display! Try to play in servers closer to where you are for the best experience!
~ Fixed camera cropping issues when playing a match
+ Implemented 'ghost pieces'. Always know where your pieces will land before they actually land!
+ Updated all Roblo skins to have unique animations, sounds and effects!
~ Improved RNG of piece color generation

NOTE: Solo mode is currently unavailable and will be worked on in the meantime.. Stay tuned for more!

Tags: puzzle, puyo puyo, roblo roblo, game


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