🧗 Can you climb up this Crazy Staircase?

🎲 The stairs will disappear, move and rotate. 
✨ Fear not however, because you can use spells to bend the staircase to your will.
😇 Choose Patron, Keeper or Drifter to use helpful magic.
😡 Choose Wicked, Heretic or Joker to use malicious magic.
😒 Thief, Archon and Chameleon can be used both ways.
🤔 Try Hacker or Spectre for a solo challenge.
🤯 Maybe You can try to solve the Tower without magic as a Muggle?
🥽 You can even put on Your VR headset, to wreak havoc in the server.

 📝 Use code "TRY SPECTRE" for 10 minute free Spectre game pass demo.
 📝 Use code "TRY CHAMELEON" for 10 minute free Chameleon game pass demo.
 📝 Use code "TRY 20 MANA" for 10 minute free Double Storage game pass demo.


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