A killer and his knife is like a musician and his instrument. Few can play well, many give up trying. Those who play well practice, and try new methods of their word. Their movements, their aggressiveness. Their attention. Of course there is the man with the stick. The Maestro, or the Sheriff. He likes to think he runs the show but, what does he do? He acts. But you and I, the killers? We do. In the end, however... It's just Another Murder Game... What kinda music will you play on your victims?

Credit to Nightgaleld for marketing.
Credit to ICruze for the first Thumbnail and the ads!

Update Log:

Coming Soon:
-Waiting for ROBLOX to fix the jumping bug
-Make Leveling system visible
-Make timed VIP

-THE LAB by Winception
-THE LIBRARY by Demjot

(Still making a map/gamemode gui so for now it's in the description)

*jamsontoast is the first hater of AMG :(

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