Update, Australia finished, with Perth, Canberra, and Uluru to accompany it! NOTICE: - Since I can't sell VIP anymore, right now anyone can go in the vip room. - The eastern hemisphere is under construction and can take up to another month to complete. RULES: -Both sides must agree to war -No spawning troops out of nowhere -Some technology was lost. The highest level tech should be around 2025-2050ish. -NO building with plasma or other space materials, and NO superweapons, fitting in the 1800-2050s era or not. -Bombs are ok if they only damage a building or two, but don't overuse them. ----A little mini build in the Americas. Global warming, drought, war, etc has taken over the nations. You play as one of the few survivors of the apocalypse, year 2099 AD. You can go to the ruined cities to scavenge bricks and materials.


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