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Welcome to Build a Raft and Survive the Rapids!

I know there are allot of these on Roblox, So I decided to make a nice legit one with effort, in this one, you'll face rapids down a huge adventurous river trail with waterfalls, massive jumps, vines and super fast currents and falls through vast scenery and buildings, Mainly have a laugh here and enjoy:)

This game is all about your building skills and survival! Create the best boat and sail it beyond the depths of the rapids! Which include corrupting Boat smashing threats such as Tsunamis, Waterfalls, Rapids, Rocks, that all put your boats strength to the test, Survive and get a nice suprise!

VIP's Are avalible in the game pass section of the game, from a range of NBC vips to BC avalible vips for all, Such as Tools VIP, it gives you better working tools! Uber Store vip! gives you the entire store and every vip! Board games, gives you games to play with others!


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