Welcome to Project Stardust, one of the most unique Space Combat games on Roblox! Here you can control massive spaceships from several different franchises, including Star Wars, Halo, and Space Battleship Yamato.
Lead your team to victory, whether it be through playing tactically or sheer force!

HOLD DOWN H TO VIEW CONTROLS INGAME (Not all controls displayed).

Hyperant, SkilledSniper1, Sanguineum, whibri

Mr_Goombastic, pepsisong2, ParalellMayhem, BaconBruhs, IsurusOxyrinchus

Girax54 (Sound)

Farming in servers is not allowed, and all your progress has the chance to be reset, if you are not outright banned from playing.

Game consists of fan designs as well. Search for FractalSponge, Zenseava, Sins of the Prophets, and Homefront to see where we get our inspiration from!


There are currently no running experiences.