[This game is fully developed. Expect little updates in the future.]

Grab some of your friends or strangers to embark on the remastery of this classic game originally created by BuildIntoGames. Defeat Guests, encounter strong bosses, and gather better items to make your adventure easier as you explore 3 dungeons.

Swing by Olde Town with the gold collected on your journey to buy new weapons and armor.

Use the codes "YumChicken2", "100KVisits", "NewPlayer" to start out your quest with some helpful thing.

Please be aware this is the rescript of the ORIGINAL game from BuildIntoGames so new content will not be added. Game passes from the original will also work in this version. This version keeps the classic style without the extra stuff other versions added.

If you want to play a version that gets updates, play the one by microsorex here:


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