TrP is a trolleybus driving game with:
- Almost all of the switches inside driver's cabin being operational
- Detailed simulation of electrical and pneumatic systems
- Realistic vehicle physics
- AI passengers and AI traffic
- Ability to host servers with your own rules, ranks and administration, in addition to having access to building tools (with saving)

TrP's vehicle operation itself is close to how it is in real life, because of that TrP can be quite complicated, so it's suggested to find a guide

Supported input devices:
- Mouse/keyboard
- Gamepad
- Steering wheel (with gamepad emulator)
- Phone/tablet touchscreen
- VR (but not very smoothly)

>> Read gamepass description before buying <<
>> TrP is in development, some things are unfinished <<

>> Check out TrP Classic if you want a simpler experience: <<

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