Minimum Device Requirements:
iPhone 6S or newer, iPad Air2 or newer, iPad Mini 4 or newer
Mac or PC with 2GB RAM
Android 2017 or newer with 2GB memory

*The amount of RAM in an iOS device is not the same as storage memory, i.e. a "16GB iPad" has 16GB flash storage, not 16GB RAM.

Misfits High has just had a round of performance-related updates: A chunk loading system, enabling Mesh LoD, polygon reduction pass on all high-poly assets, removal of all inefficient unions, optimization for instancing, etc. This should improve framerates on lower-end PCs, but should not be expected to make the game playable on Android devices or older iPads.

Misfits High is a gothic high school for Vampires, Were-Animals, Demons, Angels, Fairies, Merfolk, and other Misfits. Our building may have been an insane asylum before it was a school, but there's no need to worry about that. Yet... >:-)

Scripting and Group Admin: EmilyBendsSpace
Building and Furnishings: MalvaB

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