La fantasia è fantastica solo in relazione a una realtà normale: la sua forza è il contrasto e l'improbabilità. Ma per l'improbabile sollievo, deve essere rimosso da un probabile contesto

~There is no objectives in this map, see it as if it was a piece of art instead of a game

~I appreciate from the bottom of my heart any like, critic or fav. on this showcase

-caldo Contrasto is inspired by pop art which is an art style that appeared in the 60s in the UK 

-This showcase is very abstract I was trying to make the player feel stuck in a painting, a piece of art.

-The map can be interpreted differently by everyone and I hope your interpretation of every aspects will be unique. Everyone will see a different story

At the end of the day, thank you and I hope you will like caldo Contrasto

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