Updated!  Version 2.3

Update Log: V 2.0
- Upgraded cars
- Max speed now 50
- Road bumps on track
- Attempted teams (Red Team, Orange Team, etc.)

2.1 Log:
- Added trees to game
- Added Apple trees aswell
- Added a "cockpit" to the racecar

2.2 Log:
- More speed bumps
- Down bumps..?

2.3 Log:
- Lobby
- No more apple tree lag
- Bridge over finish line
- Neater roads

2.4: Log:
-Updates coming to lobby
-Cars removed, working on making new cars
-Hopefully fixed teams

This is my first game made without free models and I'm new to studio itself.  Please give me feedback in the comments, and make sure to rate it thumbs up!  If you happen to dislike the game, please give me reasons and I will try to make you happy along with everyone else!

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