Plants vs Zombies *Team Battle*

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BRAINZZZZZ! Oh no! The zombies are invading your house! You got to stop them! Step on a plant morph and get the tool out of the giver! And then it's action time! Note from the zombies: From Mum: Hello son, I was wondering if I coud eat at yours today. Cuz i'm HUNGRYY! Please respond. Mommy (Not the zombies). Hmmm... A little TOO suspicious. Ps. each plant has different tools and so do the zombies. There are even mini zombies. Vip and Admin only for friends and best friends otherwise there may be to much abusers. If one of my friends with Admin is abusing, PM me with as subject: Admin Abuser PvZ. Thx for reading! (Pps. Free Vip at 500 visits, 2 weeks) ou can get Mini Vip for taking one of my friends (kingtailsmuchow) T-Shirt: Big head on a little body. Just copy it and paste on paint and create it. I check if you realy have it.

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