*The current version of this game is outdated. A new version of this game is in the works!* 

Wild savanna is a survival game where you take control of a variety of African animals found in the Serengeti National Park of Tanzania. Survive the unforgiving wilds by teaming up or fighting for your place in the ecosystem, and explore the rich vast lands of the alternate region of the Serengeti. 

- No Exploiting (Includes shaders) . (Results in a ban) 
-Do not protect and team with species other than your own. (Results in a smite) 
-Be civil in the chat. Don't harass others verbally. (May result in a kick or ban) 

-If you see any rule break, message any admin with proof. Do not tell the rule breaker that you're reporting them. 

- Ludicrouscunningfox 
- Endershadow31

 *In-game admins* 


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