A simple high-banked D-Shaped oval, Sprint Motor Speedway is one of the fastest tracks on ROBLOX. Along to being home to Indy Cars and stock cars, it is also home to formula cars and sports cars, both of which are at home on the inner road course. Simple in design, it rewards those who know how to brake and exit corners at the highest possible speed.

Change log: 8/18/13
-Fixed irregularities in track
-Fixed texture clipping on outside of track and outside of walls
-Added new, smoother transitions
-Increased wall friction to discourage wall riding
-Increased top speed of all cars
-New terrain
-New grandstands, flagstand, and catchfence
-New teleport to the flagstand
-New speedometer GUI
-Other small fixes

2/21/2016-Updated cars to work with new physical properties and PSG physics

Credit to Nytraulics, Mystic48, Bobafett03, and Racedude82 for various items



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