Are you feeling too good? Do you not want to feel so good? Come on down and disintegrate with your comrades! Farm crops, catch fish, or just goof off with your friends with a massive range of taunts, tools and effects to choose from!

"Amazing" - No One Ever
"I feel so alive right now" - Fortnite Trailer
"This game was amazing! Play this NOW." - Kirby4833
"There can only be one real Thanos.." - Steve7476
"1940: we will have flying cars in the future 2018:" - test_accountA7
"hi mom, I'm in the description lol" - HurtSupersmashbro
"Gaming has reached it's peak in quality. This is the highest you can limit yourself to." - anthonbloxx
*Elon Musk buys IDFSGS and deletes it* "I had to save these kids from not feeling so good" - Elon Musk

Created by Phexonia Studios, 2022


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