Welcome to Demolition Crew! You have been hired to demolish buildings in the city Wreckers Wharf by any means necessary. Loot, destroy, and demolish abandoned structures to earn money, level up, and get sweet combos. Visit Eddy’s Excavators, Explosives, Ect. to purchase nearly 50 unique weapons and an inventory of powerful vehicles. Explore the city Wrecker’s Wharf and discover Easter eggs, wacky characters, and useful secrets. As the sequel to the hit game Destroy the Neighborhood, this game is nothing short of crazy!

The Team:
thebenster - Lead Developer
JustJoshingYa - Co-Founder, Developer
Spartluk - Builder
CaikBall - Artwork
SFranxisco - Builder
Stillroom- Clothing
pwnion - UI design
kirbygreen4 - Trailer


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