*This teaches the basics of learning how to code. An in-depth guide on how to create your own Egg Hunt can be found here:

Observe the thumbs up/down ratio. This is definitely the best place to learn Lua.

Welcome to Roblox Code School! Have you always wanted to learn Lua, but just can't seem to? Here at RCS, we believe that the best way to learn anything is by repetition! Complete courses, quizzes, and achievements to become a scripter today! Our system promotes learning the basics of Lua at your own rate. If you are having trouble, no problem! Cycle back or skip to any of the easy-to-understand lessons or quizzes!

Finished here? Check out my Roblox Code Academy for more in-depth tutorials on specific subjects! It doesn't cost as much!

To pass the quizzes, input the answers EXACTLY as they appear in the examples.

This is not a "walking" tutorial. This is a GUI-based instructional with a clean, intuitive design.

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