💥 Welcome to Superpowers Training Simulator! 💥
👊🏻 Train your Fists and punch like Superman!
💪🏻 Train your Body and become Invincible!
✨ Train your mind to achieve psychic powers!
⚑️ Train your speed to the point of teleportation!
β˜„οΈ Take the path of Superhero or Supervillain!
🏆 Compete in Global Leaderboards, and much more!

📙 UPDATE LOG {V 1.7} 📙
- 🎃 Added Day & Night Cycle System!
- 🔥  Added Special Halloween NPCs Quests & Skills!
- ⚜️ Added Many Secret Training Areas!
- 🔰  Added New Auras & Skills Tier!
- βš”οΈ Removed Safe Zone In City Port!
- 👑 Give +5 Tokens Every Minute Outside Safe Zone!
- 🔧 Fixed OP Weight Glitch & Many Minor Bugs!

[ By Thai Devs Team 😊 ]

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