Welcome to Survival Island! 

New duel mode. 
Iron can now be mined underground and given to blacksmiths for items.
Gold can now be found in treasure chests in the ocean.
New tunnels with hidden gold. 
New item drop on the platform in east building. 

This island is quite dangerous. Disasters occur here often, including violent storms and the dead rising! Try to survive for as long as you possibly can.  Don't forget to keep yourself healthy with water and food as well! Gamepasses can be purchased in the shop to assist you, including medkits and weapons! 

Gold can be used to buy treehouses, repair doors, and pay blacksmiths for items. You can earn gold by defeating skeletons, digging, and searching the ocean. 

If you leave while alive, your survival streak will be saved. 
Press left shift to run.

All feedback is appreciated, feel free to message me with any suggestions or bugs. [Remake of my old Survival Island game] 

- Cealion


There are currently no running experiences.