The action RPG where the monsters are you!

Be a monster:
Outfit a dungeon with traps, treasure, and decorations! 🕯
Fight heroes with swords, bows, bombs and more! βš”
Be a ghost - walk through walls! 👻
Be a zombie - find the heroes! 🧟
Be a werewolf - fool the heroes! 🐺
Be other monsters and bosses too! 👹🐉

Be a hero:
Invade the dungeon! βš”
Collect loot! 💰
Wear armor! 🛡
Cast spells! 🔥
Level up! 🎲

Dungeon Life is being developed by Jamie_Fristrom
Art by OrbitalOwen
Video by MusWorld
Render by FedoraGFX

Dungeon Life is open-source! Search for it on github.

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