Find magic spells and use them to defeat your enemies in Spell Battle!


The Spells:
⚡ Hits everyone it touches with a lightning bolt and takes 50 of their health!
🔥 Burns everyone it touches, taking 50 health over a few seconds
☠️ Poisons everyone it touches, and takes 10 health every second for 5 seconds
❄️ Freezes everyone it touches, and takes 20 health!
🔰 Protects whoever uses it from any other spells
❤️ Heals 50% of the health you have lost
🚀 Makes you go super speed!
👻 Makes you go invisible!


Scripting & UI - Space_Baa
Building - Maiaiiaa
Music - Manel_Navola
GFX - SoftGB


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