Hey! this is my game, its a demo level for the full game which i am starting work on, the game will be called Baldi and Shrek vs Squidward and Anime Girl. i hope you like this game, ive spent lots of time learning scripting and etc, and this game is my passion project. although it may seem memey, i like the idea, and i find it funny.

if you want to see the full game come out faster, you can buy the 15 robux gamepass, and hope for the best, im trying to get over 1000 robux for things like custom audios and badges! also  before the game comes out, anyone who bought the gamepass will get special demos of newer levels!

Also, if your a youtuber and you play the game, thats completely fine, i'd love the publicity! and i cant wait to see your video, my youtube channel is Pengy Plush!


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