This is basically a very long 300 stages obby, only 2 players were able to complete it up until now. If you complete it, take a screenshot of your stages and yourself and i will give you a gift. c:

Admin is on sale for 50% If It's a Kohl's Admin Script. If you're having issues with the gamepasses please message me, i will help you Asap.

Tags; Creeper, Bowser, Kirby, Mario, Steve, Link, Zelda, Brawl, SSBB, Miencraft, Mineblox, Mobs, Zombie, Koopa, Survive, Justin Bieber, noob, cool, Epic, Swords, Luigi, Orange, R.U.N, Uncopylocked, Copylocked, skate, roblox, Plane Crash, Tycoon, Town of robloxia, RolePlay, RPG, Plane  Crash, Castle Life, Slenderman, slender, Catalog, Catalog Heaven, Creeper survival, Creepers, Zombies, zombie, skeleton, Easter, Halloween, Lucky, Christmas, St.Patricks day, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Space knights, roblomall, trade hangout, gta 5, gta, last of us, survival, world war z, pieperson50, 1dev2, town, kingdom life, rolep

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