VIP SERVERS NOW COST 10 ROBUXS.  Also this game will no longer receive any major or no updates.  This is so I can focus on other games that I haven’t updated in a while.  Thanks for understanding, and if you don’t...then idk dude

Delete the cars and re spawn it! (In case!)

Welcome to The Engine Line!  What is “The Engine Line”?  It’s basically a free drive game!  (No scams, nada)


To make this game actually work, you need to respect others, be on the lookout for any coming trains and if you see a train in front of you, slow down!  and if possible, use the switch junctions that are available in the game.  And if you crash you can press the "delete" button in the GUI while in the engine, to delete the coaches press the button "delete" in the end sides of the coach, flatbed, etc...

Enjoy the simulator ;)

slogan: Exceptionally Different and unique 

And if you enjoy the game, why don’t you support the game!

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