Welcome to the new & improved Star Sorority!

🌃STAR CITY! A new city to explore, with a new cat cafe & cat disco
🏰STAR SCHOOL! A new castle school with 4 classrooms, a spa, and a spooky ooky dungeon to explore!
🐝BEE HILLS! A newly updated bee sanctuary with more room for our buggy friends!
🌲FAIRY FOREST! A haunting forest that has secrets yet to be unveiled... Something's going on here!
👠NEW ACCESSORIES! Try on the new Cute Heel set, the Mad Hatter China Glass, Rock'n'Raver Killer Heels, The Creepy Teddy Bear Pal, & more!
🎨NEW USER INTERFACE/UI! A huge facelift to Star Sororities main front! (temporarily reverted)

Enter a magical realm that is growing by the minute! What could be coming next?

🌠Dress up and role play with your friends!
💫Try on fashionable heels, dresses, makeup, and more!
🌃Explore hidden mysteries and make your own story...


There are currently no running experiences.