This Roblox Classic has many different twists and turns.  Levels become increasingly more innovative the further you venture. Do you have what it takes to complete the Longest Obby on the platform? With more action-packed courses than ever before, you'll be guaranteed hours of fun for you and your friends. 


- Free Moderator: 35 Hrs Gameplay 
- Free VIP Admin: 10 Hrs Gameplay
- Free skip: 100 levels

Difficulty of each section:

1st    - Very Easy
2nd  - Easy
3rd   - Easy 
4th   - Easy/Moderate
5th   - Easy/Moderate
6th   - Moderate/Challenging
7th   - Moderate/Challenging
8th   - Challenging/Expert
9th   - Challenging/Expert

Type /reload if you accidentally restart. Voice Chat enabled. Turn Graphics Quality down to 1 to enhance gameplay.  Updates can be found at Bright Shine Studios down below! Join our group to get involved with our growing community. 

Tags: Obby, Parkour, Obstacle Course,  Rainbow, Parkour, Fun, Easy, Mega Fun Colorful


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