[⭐️🔥 FEATURES: All Outfits & components, Spawning Avatars/Outfits, Morphing, Audio Inventory, Voice Chat, Accessories, Chat Color, Groups, see new/lost friends, music, friends, exact Join Time, RAP, status, bios, & free private servers! 🔥⭐️]

In the game, you can check when anyone was last online - exact date & time. CHAT their username (NOT display name), CLICK/TAP on the red block, and the info will show. OR: click "More Info" on the top (you can search by User ID too!)
 By default, the info is based on the USA Central Time Zone but you can change your zone using the menu, or even input your UTC offset!

Update Log:

In early 2017, for unknown reasons, the last online info (originally on the user search page) was removed. This game is the first & original Last Online Checker created. If there are any ideas or game issues, PM me.

Private Servers

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